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Fort Jesus historic sites-Mombasa


-Was built by the Portuguese in 1593

-Captured by Oman Arabs in 1698

-Became a Government prison in 1895

-Declared National Monument in 1958

-In 1960, Museum was built and opened to public

-In 2011, the fort was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO,
highlighted as one of the most outstanding and well preserved
examples of 16th century Portuguese military fortifications

Mombasa landmark “tusks” – Mombasa

 Was constructed to mark a visit by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, the “Tusks” are a spectacular landmark in Mombasa. These tusks of ivory are an impressive sight by themselves. Their shape creates a letter “M” that makes for a brilliant place marker at the edge of Mombasa!

Likoni ferry – Mombasa

The Likoni Ferry is a boat service across the Kilindini Harbor, serving both the island city of Mombasa and the Kenyan mainland town of Likoni. Two double-ended ferries alternate across the harbor, carrying both road and foot traffic. The ferries are operated by the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS), and are the only remaining ferry service by KFS. The Likoni ferry started operating in 1937. Passenger services are free while vehicles have to pay a ferry toll.

The Mombasa side terminal of the Likoni line is located at the southern end of the Mombasa Island. The distance of the line is about 500 metres. Apart from the main Likoni line, there is a passenger-only peak hour service between Mtongwe and Mombasa Island next to Bandari College. It crosses the Kilindini Creek a few kilometers West of the Kilindini line.

Haller park – Mombasa

 Haller Wildlife Park (Lafarge Ecosystems) is a former disused quarry that has been reborn as a small private game sanctuary. A major initiative has been made to “green” the quarry and these efforts have literally blossomed into an area of lush beauty.

The onetime quarry is now a thriving game sanctuary, fully stocked with game including Giraffe, Eland, Hippo, Oryx and more. There are many walking trails, making this a pleasant place to spend a morning or afternoon away from the beaches.

Akamba handicraft/ Schnizerdorf – Mombasa

Akamba Handicraft centre is conveniently located on the road to Moi International Airport. The carving village is like a social workshop with over 3000 members, and about 2,000 women and men who help out. Each is directly involved in the sales, which is achieved in a large showroom.  The range of craftsmanship is tremendous. There is a range of goods on offer, extending from animal sculptures from the native fauna, to articles of everyday use in the home, and artistic decorations of the African culture.

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