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Deep Sea Fishing-Watamu-Kenya

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Deep Sea Fishing trips are on offer from the coastal village of Watamu. As soon as you get across Watamu’s protective coral reef you are in to some of the best fishing Kenya has to offer.

The most prolific black marlin fishing in Kenya is in the Indian Ocean off the banks of Watamu. A little further out (approx. 17 miles) you will find the Rips where blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin and sailfish exist in good numbers.

A large number of sailfish swim ten miles north of Malindi and the Sabaki estuary. At the right time of year, bringing some amazing fishing, especially for the fly or light line fisherman.

On the South Coast of Kenya, near Wesa and Kilifi you will find a large number of billfish when conditions are right.

Fishing season

July, August and September is one of the best parts of the season. Within 5 miles of the coast of Watamu there is a good selection of black marlin, sailfish, wahoo, kingfish, and yellowfin tuna.
October, November and December is sailfish season, when the fishing trip will run about 12 miles North off the coast of Malindi.
January, February and March are marlin months with black, blue and striped marlin on the Rips off the coast of Watamu.
February and March is also a good time for broadbill swordfish making the chance of a fantasy catch a real possibility.

Fishing Safaris which will take you further afield

When requested we can run fishing safaris from Watamu, either to Lamu on the north coast of Kenya or Shimoni on the south coast of Kenya.

Lamu is an old Arab town steeped in history that is on the south end of a archipelago of islands. Further north is the Robinson Crusoe style islands of Kiwayu and Koi. Lamu is a days fishing north of Watamu and has many exciting reasons to try one of these once in a life time trips. The in- shore fishing in these waters can be rewarding. There is the chance to fish for bone fish, mangrove snappers, trevally, barracuda and an African tarpon or pompano.

Further out the sailfish fishing can be quite extraordinary in the early part of the season. At the peak of the marlin season, many of the big fish fishermen like to hunt for that chance of a thousand pound blue or black marlin.

Shimoni is a day fishing trip off the South Coast. On a good day it is an amazing area for striped marlin. There have been days with over ten striped marlin tagged on a boat. In the deep water between Pemba island and the mainland there is always the chance of a blue or black marlin.

Fish species

Kenya’s best asset as a big game fishing destination is the variety of fish available. There are billfish, including black marlin, blue marlin and striped marlin. Sailfish, broadbill swordfish and short billed spearfish are also present in these waters.

Kenya is one of the few places that has had some fantasy slams over the last few seasons. These include a catch of five species of billfish in one trip. There have also been record catches of black, blue & striped marlin, broadbill swordfish and sailfish.

There are two methods used to catch marlin. Early season, the vast majority of marlin caught are black marlin. The best way to catch them is to live bait, frigate mackerel, bonito or tuna. Some of the biggest black marlin catches on record were off the coast of Watamu. The best catches included 860lbs, 840lbs and 810lbs.

Later in the season, when the blue and striped marlin arrive in decent numbers, artificial lures are good for securing a catch. The best of the blue marlin caught off the Watamu coast weighed in at 800lbs, 550lbs and 521lbs. The best striped marlin weighed in at 213lbs. Small lures with a strip of bait fish work well to catch sailfish and broadbill swordfish during night time hours.

There are many shark species available off the Kenyan Coast. These include tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads, makos, silver/black/white tip sharks and spinner sharks. Sharks are present at different times of the season but many get caught as you live bait for other fish such as marlin. To see a big mako cart wheeling through the air has got to be one of the greatest sites in big game fishing.

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