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Tucked away in a southeast nook of the Lake Nakuru National Park, laid out in strikingly landscaped gardens with paved walkways, is a comfortable accommodation, the Lake Nakuru Lodge. Accessible with a 2-3 hour road travel from Nairobi, the lodge offers a modest budget accommodation for central Kenya tour. The park has been gazetted a Ramsar Site and is one of the areas where rare black rhinos and Rothschild’s giraffes have been relocated by way of conservation programs. The park also has white rhinos. Lake Nakuru Lodge has 95 Deluxe Rooms and 2 Suites and can accommodate over a massive 200 guests at any given time. African Mecca feels the rooms and furnishings are fairly dated, and refurbishment is past it due date to keep up with competition. Service levels are just acceptable for the price paid to stay here so do not arrive here with the expectation of a deluxe accommodation experience. It is a simple, huge non-frill accommodation. Couples will find the double bedrooms ideal while some of the other rooms have an additional single bed for a third person. Budget families vacationing in Lake Nakuru could choose family rooms with multiple beds. If you would like a distinct living room and a secluded patio, you could opt for the Suite. Sliding glass doors lead to a raised front-deck that has patio furniture so you can relax and enjoy views of the gardens, lake or the park and perchance watch visiting birds and small animals. The beds have mosquito netting for your protection while the bathroom comes with a curtained off shower area, washbasin and regular amenities.

The cooler hours of early morning are the times when lions and leopards like to hunt so when you are on your morning game drive, you might witness a hunt in progress. Leopards mostly hunt gazelles and impalas, and you might sight a hyena looking to steal a meal or hunting down a flamingo. As you head out towards the lake, you will see thousands of flamingos, and sometimes over a million, though seasonally variable depending on food and water levels. Both the two subspecies exist in Nakuru, the Greater and Lesser flamingos. Your expert AfricanMecca safari guide will explain to you the distinguishing characteristics of each. They will also describe to you several of the other 450 bird species that inhabit Lake Nakuru, some of which are aquatic, terrestrial and other seasonal migrants. The swamps and lake are home to hippos also and your guides will show you how to spot one hidden in the bush close to the water. Adept at reading tracks and droppings, your guide can gauge which animal has just passed and the direction in which it is headed. Watch as zebras, reedbuck, waterbuck and other herbivores graze, keeping a sharp lookout for predators. After an early morning drive of your Nakuru lake trip, you can head back to the lodge in time for your hot buffet breakfast at their in-house Mutarakwa Restaurant. Afterwards, spend time of relaxation beside the pool in easy loungers or stop at the Rhino Paddock cocktail bar. Have a wholesome buffet lunch and perhaps a siesta until it is time for your afternoon game drive. The afternoons are a fine time to visit the acacia and euphorbia forests because they offer a cool, shady environ for many animals from the heat of the sun. Lake Nakuru Lodge can also arrange a picnic lunch for you at the Hippo Pool close to the Baharini Springs. Visit the Mama Nikki Bar for evening cocktails and enjoy the cultural events the lodge organizes for guests to make their adventurous East African holiday even more memorable. Relish a barbecue dinner under the stars or a buffet dinner at the restaurant before you turn in for the day.

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